Event | Plan, Promote and Profit With Your Own Workshop

  • Have an idea for a workshop or seminar?
  • Not sure where to begin?
  • Want to revamp your existing workshop?

What you will receive:

  • Plan a Successful Workshop
  • Structure Your Workshop Process
  • Design the Workshop Website
  • Structure Your Workshop
  • Decide what to Charge (or not to Charge)
  • Actionable Checklist to use as a Roadmap

Get your questions answered in this short, overview session.

Aspiring Trainers, Presenters and Subject Matter Experts would benefit from attending.




   Prefer to jump in and get started on your own?  Check out the DIY Checklist!

No time to attend the workshop?

Feel comfortable doing it your way, but need a little guidance?

Utilize the Blueprint!    7 Key Tips to Create Custom Workshops and Courses!  Use it as your guidepost along your planning journey.

Purchase and Download “TheWorkshopDesigner.com  Blueprint” as an Overview Checklist and get started today!