Live Workshops and Events

These engaging, actionable sessions are designed to learn – but more importantly  – to DO.   These are hosted in multiple locations and occasionally feature a guest speaker. We are always introducing new topics or updating existing courses.  Choose your subject, ask questions, and adjust the information to fit your business.

We will help!

Biz Writing Retreat

In 2017, we founded the Noir Biz Writer’s Retreat.  The goal of the retreat is to offer an opportunity for aspiring business writers to discuss, and practice the basics of technical writing, copywriting or instructional design – as a business.

We will also discuss the benefits of a digital portfolio in your job search and how to create your own.

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Plan . Promote . Profit with Your Own Workshops

Ever attended a seminar or workshop, and realized that you could have (or should) have been speaking on the subject?

Ever had your colleageues and friends suggest that you should share your knowledge to others?

Maybe you have dreamed of creating your seminar or workshop, and you have the knowledge, but never produced such an event yourself?  What logistics are involved? How much time will it take?  After all – creating a business event has different requirements than a social event.  We can answer questions and provide you some tools.

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Let’s Do It! ♦  

Workshop Creation Series  

Monthly series for women business owners, startups, and entrepreneurs.   Each month we focus on a different topic and accomplish a specific task to your goal to hosting your own business workshop, seminar or conference.

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The Maze . Women’s Workshop Creation Conference

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