Intro to Adobe Spark for Business


Learn how to create visually stunning images quickly, and short, text-based videos in this workshop.

If you have spent more time, energy, and money (than you expected) creating images and videos for your website or blog, then you are not alone!  Maybe you don’t have a team to handle the design on your behalf or in the time you need.  Would it help if you had a free tool, with stunning images and templates that you could adapt for your use – quickly? 

IIn this overview course, you will quickly learn the simple approach to content creation using free digital Adobe Spark tools. You will learn the basics for digital storytelling and creating visual resources using Spark Post, Spark Video, or Spark Page for print usage or web.

This workshop will include:

  • What is Adobe Spark?
  • Creating Images:  Adobe Spark Post Basics
  • Creating Video Stories:  Adobe Spark Video Basics
  • Creating Web Pages: Adobe Spark Page Basics
  • Managing and Synching Content