The Day of…Presenting Your Next Workshop

It is the day of your workshop.  Now what do you do?

Are you ready?

You planned every detail, designed the agenda, wrote the materials, and ordered the food. The team has everything ready, and the other speakers are relaxed and ready.

The big day has arrived and you are the kicking off the entire workshop!

Planning the day of the event includes numerous items, nerves of steel and balancing what the audience sees with the behind-the-scenes madness.

Reduce the stress by planning the workshop day(s) for both the audience, your speakers and your team.

Plan the project execution and ensure you are familiar:

  • Audience Expectations
  • Early / Late Arrivals
  • Visual Aids and Materials
  • Event Setup
  • Speaker Time and Presentation Requirements
  • Audience Movement and Engagement
  • Managing the Audio Visual Resources
  • Last Minute Changes
  • Making a “Plan B” Strategy
  • Collecting the Feedback
  • Next Steps



Prefer the DIY Method?

Download the “The Day of… Presenting Your Workshop” Checklist