Course: Designing Your Workshop Schedule of Content

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Designing the Schedule for Your Workshop Content

Agenda . Outline . Learning Strategy


In this 45 minute, online workshop, you will learn:

Why creating your workshop topic and outline is a key first step to a developing a quality workshop. This is about workshop clarity and focus!

You have selected your topic.  Maybe you have outlined  the length of the workshop.  But you still have some questions.

  • What time does each topic start?
  • What if you need to rearrange the topics?
  • What impact will topic rearranging cause on the schedule, the speakers or your customers?
  • How do you include the personal breaks, meals and activities?
  • Are your clients changing rooms throughout the session?
  • There are two types of workshop schedules:
  • The public schedule (of your content topics and activities) that your attendee will see
  • The “behind the scenes” schedule (of content topics, breaks, movement, debriefings, practice activities, etc that your team needs to perform at it’s peak.


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DIY Topics, Agenda and Outline.

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