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Here at, we focus on helping you create the custom workshops, seminars and learning events that fit your skills, your customers and your business needs. 

Sometimes, you need learning and support on your scheduled.  We can help.  Do you want guidance with an online course that you can pause, redo, and review?

Complete Workshop Creation Series

   Planning Courses

  • Plan, Promote & Profit Workshops (Series Overview)
  • Planning  for Your Workshop  (Where do I Start?)
  • Designing Your Workshop Schedule
  • Managing the Logistics
  • Planning the Presentation Day 

   Doing Courses

  •  Best Practices and Lessons Learned
  • Adding Practice Activities

Pre-Sell  to Academy Pioneer
Get in on the ground floor!  Lend your ideas, suggestions, and input during the development of the Academy. Be an Academy Pioneer.
As an Academy Pioneer – you will receive each course  at the pre-sell price of $29 – available for a limited time.
What You Will RECEIVE
During the pre-sell period, you  will receive the course selected over a 5 week period – one topic per week.   This will allow you time to complete each lesson and it’s activities to meet your schedule and submit questions and content suggestions.   After the course completion, each course will increase significantly to it’s full price.
Interested in becoming an Academy Pioneer?



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