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If you are creating your first (or third) live workshop event, you need a vision.  A roadmap with signposts to your destination – the live workshop event – would be even better.

Either way, you may need assistance or resources.

Welcome to the site of TheWorkshopDesigner.com, a place for like minded individuals focused on learning and sharing within the community.

Creating a live workshop is a complex maze of choices, decisions and opportunities.   Although it takes significant time and resources, it can also be an exhilarating achievement.  The moment when you witness your audience’s “aha” moment of learning – is truly awesome.


Michel Hobson

M.A. Training and  Development

Planning, Leading and Creating  Customized Workshops for Organizations since 1988.

Michel is the author of Fierce and Focused,  Workplace Bullying, What Can Be Done, and other publications. During her tenure as a corporate trainer for major corporations, she has been the training project manager for large learning conferences for both customers and employees.   As a training consultant, she has developed workshops, managed presenters and trainer, and created workshop materials utilized in learning events in multiple countries with diverse audiences.   Her consulting site, HobsonTraining.com focuses on improving workplace civility with both live training, online learning and resources.

Connect with Michel on Twitter, on her blogs, or at a nearby coffee shop.


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