Without imperfection, you or I would not exist.

~ Stephen Hawking

Perfection doesn’t exists. Not in people. Not in learning. Not in the workplace. We can choose to improve through observation, trial and error and formal learning. We can take chances, and go for broke. All can lead us to the goal and opportunities to which we aspire.

But perfection – it is unattainable and unrealistic.

Let’s make decisions and focus on the attainable. Let’s plan ahead, and evaluate the twists and turns – making adjustments, being flexible, and pivot when needed.

Iterative results and measurements provide a much needed opportunity to pause, evaluate, measure and reset if necessary. Hell bent and full steam ahead isn’t always necessary or even recommended.

Let’s plan and write down our vision.

Let’s start (or continue) our journey.

Let’s grow and document some lessons learned to those who are watching – and aspiring to be us.

We got this.

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