The essence of teaching is to make learning contagious, to have one idea spark another.

– Marva Collins

Giving props today to the gifted professionals of learning.

Whether you conduct business training for adults or train the future adults in the classrooms of today.

If you are responsible for providing information, conducting training or teaching mind – you have an opportunity to create knowledge and skill in others.

Your ability to engage and provide a knowledge pathway to the next level can make a difference and inspire to greatness.

Don’t take lightly your ability. Not everyone has it.

Being a subject matter expert, having the knowledge does not equal the ability to engage, to inspire, to confirm and reinforce skills and knowledge. It does not automatically translate into the skills needed to keep multiple attendees proactively working together towards a common skill set.

Although technology can capture effective duration and completion of a web-based or online course. Systems can verify the length taken to complete a course and the score received on a online test.

Systems cannot replace the skills of a professional trainer or career teacher who can recognize when an attendee needs more – and – can immediately adjust the training delivery to fit the needs of that attendee(s). Relating and establishing a connection is a human trait occurs quite frequently on a live workshop or learning event.

Taking advantage of that gift that you have to impart and share knowledge; to verify and measure learning of your audience; to engage in activities that confirm skills learned and desired abilities.

Here’s to you – The professional trainers, the career teachers, the workshop leaders.

Do what you do – as no one else can.