Business Workshop Audience

So you have organized an event and you have the logistics, audio visual and the location taken care of.  You have a team of volunteers ready to handle the slightest challenge.  Now it is just you and the presentation to be developed.  You ask yourself:

  •  “What does my audience care about?”
  • “What challenges is my audience having”

According to an article entitled “The Secrets to Creating Compelling Seminar Content“, it is not difficult to identify the problems that your targeted audience is having.  Within the article, it is suggested that you read industry trade publications and engage with groups that our workshop audience belong to.  During a Q&A of a recent presentation, an aspiring business workshop creator asked:

  •  “How do I find my people first?”
  • “Who are my people?  What do they look like?  What do they do for a living?”
  • “How do I find out what groups my target audience belongs to?”
  • “How will I know what their problems are?  Or what they want?

MISCONCEPTION:   I know who and where my audience are.

One common misconception is that everyone knows where and how to engage their intended audience.   She was genuinely baffled about where to start to engage her audience.  In response, I asked the question to the broader audience to gauge their interest, and get valuable insight from those who had already tacked the same questions.  I n response, the audience outlined several online and social media spaces that would be helpful depending upon the topic and purpose of her business workshop.

One particular choice would be LinkedIn.  This is a solid choice to, if you are creating a Business Workshop Learning Event and your audience is attending for business reasons.   If you have never used LinkedIn and you are creating a business learning event, now is the time to sign-up and get engaged.  If you already used LinkedIn, but it’s been awhile, things have changed and you may wish to stop by.

MISCONCEPTION:   I know what my audience needs versus wants.

When reading the industry related emails, and publications, check out the topics being discussed.  Chances are it is being discussed across multiple print resources, and within online groups, including social media.  Based on the volume of information discussed, review the top 3 to 5 topics for your business workshop, and investigate the value to your intended audience.

If you have the workshop logistics, tech, your team and your presenters planned, you are more than halfway through the planning process.  Researching and providing quality content to address your audience expectations, needs and wants is the meat of your learning event.

Take the time to read, ask questions, engage and listen.  I expect you find enough value to satisfy and serve your audience.

Have fun with it!


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