You are sitting in the audience listening to the speaker.  You realize that you know as much (maybe more) about this topic than the presenter.   You look around, and see lots of audience members who are not listening.  Side conversations.  Texting.  Reading.

Can this be done a different way?  You visualize the next workshop – with you running it.

You have a lots of questions.

  • Where to start first?
  • What  is involved behind the scenes?
  • How much time is involved in the planning?
  • Do you need a team or can you do it yourself?

You need a guideline.  A Roadmap.  A Blueprint – and we can help.   We put together an organized  list  to get you started.   Grouped by seven major activities that should be considered when planning a learning workshop, seminar or event.

A Brief Blueprint

What You Will Learn

  • An overview of the major activities you need to plan and track.
  • Areas of Focus for each activity
  • Bonus Topic


  • Vision:   You have an idea for a seminar, live course or workshop – but never actually created one.  You have attended plenty and you know you can do it better.
  • Knowledge:  You have participated as a speaker or an expert in a previous live training course, workshop or seminar – but never created one from start to finish. You know the information and are ready to share it in your own event.
  • Committed:  You have previously worked behind the scenes for a live learning event.  You are detailed oriented, and like an organized approach.   You want a blueprint.

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