Is Your Idea Unique Enough?

So you are thinking of hosting a course on a topic that you know inside and out.  You believe in the purpose of the topic, and you are positive that it has value – both for you and your intended audience.

There will be plenty of naysayers.  Plenty of your peers with respond with the “side eye” when you discuss your plan, your topic, and why.

Go for it anyway.

You and only you have the vision.  It is your vision.  It will work or it won’t.  If it doesn’t exactly as expected, then ask yourself some key questions.

  • Can I adjust or pivot or tweak my course?
  • What information did I learn from the this experience that will make the next time better?

PlanningDoing Repeat.

Go for It!

Quote of the Moment

Don’t Worry About People Stealing Your Ideas.  If Your Ideas Are Any Good, You’ll Have to Ram Them Down People’s Throats.

~ Howard Aiken


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