Choosing your workshop topics varies with a number of things, including:

  • Consider the needs of the audience.
  • What is the buyer’s need to accomplish?
  • Gain agreement on the expected workshop outcomes.
  • Verify if the workshop names is in use?
  • Is the topic comprehensive enough for a workshop series?

   Make a list of the possible topics.

  • Outline multiple versions of the individual topics. Select your topic 2 or 3 favorite.
  • Test the value and variety of your topics
  • Match the topics with issues and problems reported by your audience. Ask yourself if your topic is aligned with these problems.
  • Ask yourself, what problems will your workshop topic solve, if any?

Example topic:  Bullying in the Workplace.    

If time allows, review with your trusted team or your potential clients for clarity, recognition, and content understanding .   Search online resources, such as book sites, publishing sites, etc to for similar titles.

Time to Move!