Virtual Live Event

Have an idea for a workshop or seminar?

  • Not sure where to begin?
  • Want to revamp your existing workshop?

When you are constantly the “go-to” person in your workplace, community or organization, and you find yourself repeating knowledge,  a spark of an idea may appear. The idea that there must be a better way to share the knowledge.

Plan, Promote and Profit With Your Own workshop

After all, the impact of your time to share the knowledge or special skills repeatedly can impact your own productivity.  Sometimes, it is just a matter of a dream deferred.  After all you have watched others, much less qualified, present your knowledge and ideas as their own.

You have watched others conduct the training session, and defer to you and your skills when they get stumped by an audience questions.

But where do you start?   Why not start with…

Plan, Promote and Profit With Your Own Workshops


Absolutely!  Let us help you create the training workshop or event that fits your vision, and the needs of your customers.

So the thought began to take shape in your mind.  That you should be the  person giving the presentation or conducting the workshop. After all, you have the skills.   And wouldn’t it be awesome to have some actual control over the amount and type of information covered?


  • Plan a Successful Workshop
  • Structure Your Workshop Process
  • Design the Workshop Website
  • Decide what to Charge (or not to Charge)

Get your questions answered in this jam-packed, half day workshop, with actionable take-aways.  This one-on-one consulting session will get it out of your head and into action!